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The Portuguese Oeste Region

The Oeste Region of Portugal is situated in one of the most western areas of continental Europe. Just a little further north from Lisbon, it is found in the central part of the country.

Fast connections by motorway to the capital and to the international airport, as well as other important urban centres, the Oeste Region is indeed in a privileged position. The towns of Torres Vedras, Caldas da Rainha and the medieval town of Óbidos are the most prominent places in this vast territory set in the Silver Coast area.

The Oeste is an appealing setting for those wishing to live in a calm environment but within easy access of the main towns. The jewels in the crown of the Silver Coast are its fine sand beaches, the welcoming hospitality of the inhabitants and the unmatched local gastronomy, not forgetting, of course, the high quality wine. The weather is predominantly sunny and very pleasant the whole year round, with amenable temperatures in both summer and winter.The Oeste has very well developed infra-structures. The region’s health care, for example, is served not only by two district hospitals, but also a clinic by one of the most prestigious clinic groups in Portugal. As for education, the region offers a modern international school. And through the newly-built shopping centres nothing is missing.

 The natural beauty is unique with views of the countryside as far as the eye can see. The long sandy beaches are enchanting, especially for the holiday-makers, while the windmills, considered a symbol of the Oeste, sit high up on the hills looking down. Two natural landmarks that are particularly worthy of mention are the nature reserve on the island of Berlenga and Óbidos Lake.

Today the Oeste is synonymous with quality of life. The region has evolved considerably in the last decade in harmony with its surrounding countryside. This idea extends to the five-star resorts, the so-called “golden triangle” of Óbidos. Further proof are the golf courses and equestrian centres where you can practise sport in the open air. Also the international hotels as Marriott, Dolce, Evolutee brands are present in the Oeste.

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