Terms of use


1)      The respective raffle property will be clearly displayed on the www.house4win.com website during the entire lottery period. Plot size and other surface details are taken from the official documentation for the respective raffle property.

2)      The number of raffle tickets available will be between 30,000 and 60,000 tickets, depending of the raffle property.

3)      The deadline to each draw is defined as being 3 months after the activation of the respective raffle property.

4)      The draw will be brought forward if all of the raffle tickets have been allocated before the stipulated deadline.

5)      The promoter retains the right to extend the lottery period by a maximum of 3 months for unforeseeable reasons.

6)      A ticket fee will be charged for every raffle ticket that is ordered.

7)      The draw for the prize will be made under legal supervision and the winner will be informed immediately afterwards.

8)      This notification will be sent to the email address submitted by the participant. The promoter is not obliged to make further inquiries in the case of an undeliverable win notification.

9)      Should it prove impossible to make the draw for unforeseeable reasons then 60% of the ticket fee will be returned to the respective participants.

10)  The right to participate is available to anyone over the age of 18.

11)  People who are resident in Costa Rica and Portugal are not eligible to participate.

12)  Employees of house4win are not allowed to participate.

13)   All participants must truthfully answer the obligatory questions when registering; false, incorrect or incomplete details will result in exclusion from participating without any right of lodging a claim against the promoter.

14)  The participant is obliged to accept the property that has been won.

15)  A cash payment will not be made in lieu.

16)  Every raffle property will be handed over free of all charges or rent.

17)  All of the property transfer fees will be borne by house4win.

18)  The transfer of the property to the winner will be undertaken using an authorised legal representative appointed by hous4win on behalf of the winner.

19)  Every participant must agree that house4win can publish his/her name in the event of winning a property.

20)  Address data will only be used for the competition; private data will never be passed on to third parties.

21)  This activity is subject to the law of Costa Rica and any litigation will have to be resolved in court in Costa Rica.

22)  house4win retains the right to supplement or change the Terms and Conditions as necessary without giving any advance notice.

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