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house4win was founded in 2014 to bring you an innovation in the property acquisition sector.

For relatively little effort you will have the chance to win a wonderful, specially selected and unencumbered property in Portugal, without any bureaucratic hurdles that you will be able to call your own within a very short period of time. Our complete process, from participating in the competition up to the presentation of the prize, will be legally supervised and completely transparent.  There are no hidden incidental costs. You will not be sorry if you put your trust in us!

Your chances of winning with house4win start at 1:30,000, depending on the lottery property.

Where else would you have such an incredible chance of winning?

  • » You like Portugal
  • » You dream of your own holiday home
  • » You are planning to purchase an investment property
  • » You want to enjoy an attractive tax residency as a retiree in Portugal
  • » You are looking for a competition with the best possible chance of winning

Don’t miss the chance of participating in house4win!

If it turns out later on that you are not the lucky new property owner, you always have the chance to participate once again in the subsequent prize competition and have another incredible chance of winning.

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